I’ve been looking for a good Phoenix bead pattern for a while now. All I found were four or five times the one I ended up designing.

I, however was aiming for earrings. This design turned out to be 3 by 3.5 inches. Far to big for earrings.

It works for a necklace though.

Sent the design off to Bead and Button. Very exited!



I shouldn’t have gone in with an odd genre for me this year.

33K or there abouts. I think i need to play with the genre. drop some of the historical parts and make it more modern. i think that might make it work better. More Urban fantasy then historic urban fantasy

Day 10

No words for today. Ended up doing a craft project.

Back to work tomorrow… eh. In the next few weeks I think we’ll be getting ready to bring out the Christmas décor. (When did it become that time?) It’s also getting closer to Nov.

I think I’m leaning toward my Epic  SF novel.

Or the crazy urban fantasy noir idea that I just realized that I have. (the idea started probably in 2007-08)

I am just finishing a SF novel so I’m really wondering if I want to jump into another  SF novel.


Day 9

Day  9

486 words (wow I do not know what is wrong with this novel.)

Day 8

Day  8

Wow. I think I’m getting less and less done each day.

560 words

Day 7

Day  7

Finished the dragon earrings! I love them.

What other colors to make?


Words 400

Day 6

Day  6

Caught up with The Voice and other DVR shows. More work on the dragon earrings.

Words: 1165 pretty happy with that.