Day 5

Day  5

Decided to see The Martian. Great film.

750 words.


Day 4

Day  4 went live today. Still have no idea what I’m writing. *sigh*

1400 words.

Nothing else exciting seemed to happen today.

Day 3

Finally found one color scheme I like for the dragon, pink, white and grey. Not finished, but the colors look good.

Words 1096, I don’t mind that.

Day 2

Oct 3rd

Finished a set of fox earrings and cleaned off beading table to start some baby dragon earrings. I really need to figure out colors for them.

Tai Pan Trading opened up a store just through the block from me. Found some items that will work for Christmas. Nice to have a few things crossed off that list.

Did a bunch of crits for a Facebook group tonight.

Between working on them writing came in at a sad 720 words. Hoping day 3 will be better.

Day 1 of Vacation time

Oct. 2nd

Ten days off of work.

Paid time off actually.

Plan to get a good chunk of novel done.

Oct 2nd actually clocked 2260 words. Amazing.

Took some items to a consignment shop. Finished a few earrings, caught up with tv shows.


How much to write…

The writing conference last weekend gave me TONS to think about. First up however is this.

Deciding on a writing goal:

I joined Labor of Love marathon for this weekend. (Yay three day weekend from work. I signed up for 3333 words a day for those three days.

I am wondering how much to write outside of that marathon. I know that I can’t continue that pace, but I think afterwards I’ll aim for a goal of 600 to 800 words and go from there. I would also like to get at least five pages of something edited.

I would also like to make a goal of a short story a month.

New Dragon

Going to writing conference this weekend and wanted a fun necklace to wear.

dragon 2

Going to have to make some earrings to go with her. Would a set of dragon earrings be to much?